The property, located at the intersection of Maple Avenue (to the east) and (Old) Monroe Road (to the south), was known as Hubbell’s Corner.

The property is surrounded by field stone walls and is roughly divided into three distinct sections.   The first section consists of the house, barns and surrounding lawn and gardens. The second section is an upper meadow with sweet and gray birches, eastern red cedars and oaks. The third is a shaded glen and wet lands with ferns, skunk cabbage, spice bush and woodland wildflowers.

The property is much more wooded than it was in the past. Century-old sugar and Norway maples and a Norway spruce surround the house. A spring fed, hand dug well west of the meadow once provided water for all houses, barns and garages on Warren’s land.     When the property was subdivided, a new well was drilled to provide water to the house.   In the big barn there is still a tap fed by the spring.